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aamir liaquat hussain viral video

aamir liaquat hussain viral video – aamir liaquat hussain viral video. Video of Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain and his personal moments has circulated around the web on social media platforms subsequent to being spilled.

Another day, another outstanding name having his released ignoble videos turn into a web sensation on the web. While its usually obscure sources responsible for such sort of leaks, for Dr Aamir Liaquat of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, his own ex Dania Shah was responsible for setting the universe of social media land.

aamir liaquat hussain viral video

Miffed after the two chose to part ways with their unision not working out, a scorned Dania concluded it was an ideal opportunity to expose Aamir for who he truly was. What’s more, she ended up spilling scores of videos of him, ones going from him swaying around bare impaired alongside him enjoying nefarious elements.

Aamir has in the interim responded in kind with spilled videos of Dania which have been doing the rounds said to have radiated from him. The dissident PTI MNA had Dania seek legal separation from him after supposed that her husband takes meth drug.

Aamir in the interim thought of the most bemusing of logics to justify the leaks with him offering outlandish expressions of if individuals would deride the videos if they were of a lady. Perhaps every one of the substances have at long last ended up broiling his mind.

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