Saturday , April 1 2023

Allied Telesis Expands to Indonesia Through Synnex Metrodata

Allied Telesis Expands to Indonesia Through Synnex Metrodata — PT. Synnex Metrodata Indonesia (SMI) is partnered with Allies Telesis, a provider of connectivity solutions and intelligent network tools, as a premium distributor for the Indonesian market.

Today, Allied Telesis offers strategic solutions focused on network and security. Allied Telesis provides defense switches and wireless access points with the Autonomous Management Framework/AMF-Security to quickly respond to various forms of threats.

The partnership between SMI and Allied Telesis will introduce Allied Telesis technologies such as Ethernet Switch (Core/Distribution/Access), Industrial Switch, Wireless Access Points, SDN Controller, Unified Network Monitoring and Operating Platform.

Furthermore, these technologies will be supported by a Business Development Manager and two certified Engineers to provide the best service to customers and on time.

Allied Telesis products offer the following advantages:

  • Unique automation tools for cybersecurity, Wi-Fi, SD-WAN and LAN.
  • Have factories in Indonesia, Singapore, China, which will provide sufficient stock to fulfill orders and short lead times.
  • Products with a high level of efficiency.
  • New technology: Allied Telesis provides network and security focused solutions. In particular, AMF-Security can be a self-defense switch and wireless access point for easier and faster response to threats.

Allied Telesis solutions can be integrated with more than 30 security vendors such as Barracuda, Fortinet, Nozomi and Sophos. In addition, SMI has become a distribution expert for these security vendors which will create the best alliance in cybersecurity solutions for the Indonesian market. In addition to cybersecurity, Allied Telesis also provides a stable and smooth, AI-based Wi-Fi solution.

Information Technology (IT) spending or spending in Indonesia is expected to experience the fastest growth in the Asia Pacific region in the next few years. Revenue in the IT services market is projected to reach USD 3.60 billion in 2022 and is expected to show an annual growth (CAGR 2022-2027) of 11.86%, resulting in a market volume of USD 6.31 billion in 2027.

“Indonesia is a strategic market and we will focus our services on the manufacturing, government, education and health markets. With the development of IT infrastructure as a top priority for economic growth in Indonesia, we are optimistic that our solutions will empower the IT industry, especially in the network communications industry in Indonesia. Indonesia,” said Benjamin Teh, Asean South Regional Director of Allied Telesis.

Also driven by market demand, Allied Telesis continued its global expansion into the Asian market by building factories in Indonesia, Singapore and China as a testament to its business commitment. Allied Telesis is in the top two positions as a switch provider company in Japan and focuses on the healthcare, education, government, and manufacturing industries.

“This partnership will further reinforce SMI’s strategy to be at the forefront of supporting digital transformation in Indonesia. This partnership will bridge Allied Telesis solutions and technology to the market, together we will help clients solve critical business problems in areas such as networking, security, and business continuity,” said Lie Heng, Director of PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia.

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