Barcelona still wants to buy players, but…

Barcelona still wants to buy players, but... — Barcelona still wants to buy some players to strengthen the squad next season. However, there is one thing the Blaugrana need to do first. What’s that?

Barcelona is one of the Spanish clubs active in the 2022 summer transfer market. So far, two players have been brought to Camp Nou.

Franck Kessie was recruited by Barcelona from AC Milan on a free transfer. Andreas Christensen was also bought for free by Los Cules from Chelsea.

Barcelona did not want to stop buying players. A number of famous names are reportedly on the target list for the Catalan club, ranging from Robert Lewandowski, Rapinha, Cesar Azpilicueta, Marcos Alonso, Jules Kunde, to Bernardo Silva.

On the one hand, the purchase of some of these players cannot be made on a free transfer like Kessie and Christensen. Barcelona inevitably have to spend in order to realize their wishes.

Barcelona still wants to buy players, but...

Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, did not deny that his party still intends to bring in new players to Camp Nou. According to him, new transfers can be implemented when the second economic ‘lever’ is activated.

As is known, Barcelona launched two economic ‘levers’ in order to escape the crisis, namely the sale of some of the club’s broadcast rights shares and the sale of Barcelona’s licenses and merchandise (BLM). The two ‘levers’ are projected to bring profits to reach 740 million euros (Rp 11.5 trillion).

Barcelona has managed to sell 10 percent of the club’s broadcasting rights for 25 years, with a total investment of 207.5 million euros (Rp 3.2 trillion). Los Cules is now just waiting for fresh funds from the sale of BLM.

“We’re not going to bring in more players until we sign that [second ‘lever’ activation]. This is the general rule, although there can be some exceptions,” Laporta said, quoted by Mundo Deportivo.

“We work according to Financial Fair Play and apply all the conditions we want. This is not a promise, but we do intend to do it. I’m not just talking,” he continued.

“It’s just waiting for the lever to be activated and it also depends on the agreement of the two parties. However, in some operations, the wage bill ratio must be able to reach one to one and that can be realized by the second lever,” said Joan Laporta.

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