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“Blessed butt”: Farina posed with the position of the puppy and left the men drooling

"Blessed butt": Farina posed with the position of the puppy and left the men drooling — Heart attack! One of the most recent publications of the artist raised the temperature in networks, all for showing off her rearguard in a suggestive video.

Since she became known, Farina Pao Paucar Franco, known by her first name Farina de Ella, has captivated many of her for her singing talent, as well as making others fall in love with her beauty. she.

She became known in the country thanks to her participation in the singing reality show “Factor X”, in 2005, where with her vocal level, she became one of the finalists of the contest.

And since then she has shown her taste for the urban genre, since she has not abandoned her roots and she continues faithful to these musical rhythms, gaining more and more great importance and recognition in the industry.

Thanks to her career, the paisa interpreter has managed to accumulate a large number of fans, as can be seen on her Instagram account, where she has more than five million followers, who, in addition to being interested in her music, want to know a little more. of their life.

“Blessed butt”: they call Farina for her s*xy posture

And it is through this platform, the means by which the interpreter of “Addicta al perreo” is usually in contact with her fans, showing some details of her life, as well as one or another photo where she shows off her curves .

Evidence of this, one of her recent posts in which Farina posed in doggy style and left men drooling.

She did it for a video where she promoted her cover for Playboy Mexico magazine, where she took some hot photos where her curves are the focus of the image.

With the publication, Farina, in addition to misleading more than one Internet user, caused all kinds of opinions that flattered her curves.

“The most beautiful”… “Blessed ass”… “Pretty”… “Beautiful, what a talent”… “My baby fiu fiu”… “You are art in every way”… “The fine bunny”… “Pretty”, are some of the comments left on the video.

Another hot publication of the artist

It is not the first time that she leaves her fans speechless, on several occasions she has published some photos, with which, due to her great body and beauty, she makes many sweat.

An example of this was the time she posed with her back to the camera lens, only with a small garment that revealed her rear, leaving more than one sighing.

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