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CCTV Clip Showing Assailants Attacking Player’s Mother – Hello, my dear friends again I have accompanied another new episode as usual which is extremely exciting. Manchester City has issued a statement following film that arose on Wednesday showing three men assaulting the mother of Phil Foden.

She was supposedly assaulted when she defied them after they abused her son. The club released a statement in which they said “we are appalled by the scenes shown in this video and we stress our complete judgment of all acts of viciousness, Manchester City were “appalled” and “disgusted” by the episode including Phil Foden, the club said on Monday after film arose of a player’s mother being assaulted in Spain.

Phil Foden Video

Manchester City Manager Pep Guardiola has denounced the “craziness” of the assault on Phil Foden’s mother and reiterated that he won’t be sold this summer. Man City’s Phil Foden was at the focal point of a shocking occurrence in his local Stockport on Sunday when two men were arrested for assaulting his mother.

The recording showed how the attackers used their belts as weapons and hit her over the head with them. Manchester City has been left “appalled” by the supposed disorder shown in a video of the assault on youthful winger Phil Foden’s mother during a Premier League match at Old Trafford on Saturday.

Phil Foden Abuse Video

The club issued a strongly-phrased statement requiring the safety of all fans at matches to be “of fundamental significance”.

The video, which shows two men being hit by a volley of coins – and which had been posted on social media – led to a lot of speculation connecting the assault to monkey chants made at previous Manchester derby fixtures, including City’s 3-1 away loss to United last season.

Manchester City has said they are “appalled” by film showing two teenagers assaulting City manager Edward Nketiah’s mother as he left the club’s preparation ground.

Phil Foden Mother’s Video

The city is leading an investigation into the video, which arose on social media on Sunday night after the pair, who don’t give off an impression of being part of the City’s childhood group, were recorded kicking and stamping on Nketiah’s mother, who was alluded to as “the woman”.

The city is shocked and appalled by film of a teenager kicking Ederson’s Mother Charity during preparing and setting her on fire. Manchester City’s 19-year-old midfielder Phil Foden has been up to speed in a social media storm after his mother was supposedly assaulted after a football match. As the shocking film of a fight with two men outside a Manchester bar became a web sensation, club officials clarified that they were “appalled” by the occurrence .


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