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Grignani Sanremo 2022 Video – The duet of Gianluca Grignani and Irama was perhaps the most unconventional one of the fourth evening of Sanremo 2022 Expectations for the duet between Gianluca Grignani and Irama on the fourth evening of Sanremo 2022 were very high.

A few hours earlier the rumors spoke of an alleged quarrel during the rehearsals for the song to be sung, then returned: Not “My story between the fingers”, the song that was then really brought to the stage of the Ariston, but “Destination Paradise ”, Which Grignani would have liked to interpret again after having sung it in 1995 among the youngsters, finishing sixth.

Grignani’s embrace to the Sanremo public (with Irama chasing him) | VIDEO

It didn’t quite go smoothly. It could be said that everything went full throttle because Grignani during the surprise performance wanted to be closer to the public and went down in the middle of the theater, not for a simple ritual kiss but practically continuing half of the song in the armchairs with Irama who evidently he has adapted to his partner’s off-schedule.

A moment outside the box for sure. Someone intelligently commented: “Gianluca Grignani has a fragile soul. The fact that he immediately jumped into the crowd attests to his need to return to making music. To feel once again the warmth of the public that “saved him once again”.

Then on Rai 2 Irama and Gianluca Grignani gave an interview to Radio 2:

Grignani spoke freely, delighted with the arrangement and being called to the Ariston stage. Jokingly, he said that when he met Irama for the first time “he was on the c …”, and then saying that for him it is a compliment because it is an indication of the recognition of someone who can represent a real competitor for him.

In short, an opportunity that came about after a long time that the singer had remained a bit in the background and that only stupid people can comment on by making jokes of truly dubious taste. Instead Amadeus really showed great class not only by telling Grignani that he wanted to see him more often on that stage, but also by doing it with an attitude full of respect.

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