Wednesday , March 22 2023

IBA Viral Video, Party on IBA Campus Spark Outrage – The videos coursing on well known social media platforms show several scantily dressed students moving on the principle campus of IBA Karachi at the Karachi University.

The party being depicted as a homosexuality event has led to a complete reprimand by the IBA workforce and has incensed the personnel and student populace who have named it as disgusting and against social norms.

The staff and graduated class in response to the videos have sent various emails, copies of which are available with the Express Tribune, to the IBA administration – denouncing the party and stating that they need strict activity taken on the issue.

One email states: “Late actions by students are disregarding social and religious values, but they are also an infringement of our public laws. Even Western universities don’t permit the use of liquor and drugs on the university buses or in the classrooms.”

It is worth focusing on that the party went on despite the presence of the IBA campus security. However, the administration stayed silent regarding this situation which has raised many questions by the staff like whether the current administration of the IBA under the leadership of Dr Akbar Zaidi agrees with the values being advanced by the party hence, it was permitted to be held on campus.

Similarly, a viral social media post by an IBA alumnus focusing on the university’s Director and Registrar states: “Obscenity in the IBA should be wiped out.

IBA should be treated professionally like an instructive institution and students should be restrained from spreading this obscenity. The minority should not be permitted to impact the majority. This sort of sexually degenerate way of behaving is unsatisfactory in the IBA.”

The Express Tribune also discovered that as of late numerous from the IBA staff have raised concerns against the quickly changing environment on campus, rebelliousness of university dress code, and regular obscene acts through emails.

However, the administration has chosen not to see every such grievance. An email sent to the administration by a concerned employee reads: “We have serious concerns about the issue of public displays of love (PDA) at the IBA.

There is a major difference between the past and present IBA in terms of student ethics and the way of behaving is very confusing. Graduated class and the industry are encountering this negative change. All of this is destroying the IBA’s identity and the IBA should take care of this silence.”

One of the employees who composed a heated email to the administration, while conversing with the Express Tribune under the condition of anonymity, said that such revolting acts are against the guiding principle of the IBA.

“We emailed the administration with the expectation that they would make a quick move on such a sensitive matter. In answer, they said that a committee has been shaped to investigate the issue.

However, we have not seen anything basically occurring. This is not Europe where we can treat the IBA as a dance club,” the perturbed employee said.

Whereas, university spokesperson, Ayesha Javed, informed the Express Tribune that the administration has proactively paid heed to the issue and the featured case is with the Student Conduct Committee for its consideration and activity.

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