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Lecturer Uitm Viral

Narasi.netA spilled video including a university professor scolding a university student for using a cell phone for a web-based class as he evidently couldn’t bear the cost of a PC has turned into a web sensation short-term, eliciting shock from netizens.

After discovering that the student was attending the class on his telephone, the professor upbraided him for not having a PC during the fifth semester and suggested that he should get his sister to sell off her gold wristband to purchase one.

Several Twitter users expressed disappointment and even revulsion, among them Muar MP and Muda boss Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, who is a previous youth and sports minister.

He said that 33% of students in Malaysia don’t have a laptop or tablet, based on a survey led by the Education Ministry. He also noticed a stressing pace of student dropout.

Syed Saddiq said it would be better to help such students to get laptops, instead of insulting them.

The viral video, which has been seen by more than 900,000 viewers by early morning today, was shared by north of 50,000 Twitter users, and has caused dissatisfaction among many parties.

However, the record that shared it has since been erased. The student who was the casualty has not been identified.

In the clasp, the professor let the student know that he wouldn’t have the option to study well because he didn’t have a PC, and that he would turn into a dropout.

She then joked that she was able to have no clothes and, surprisingly, just have five pieces of dress just to possess a PC.

“The cost of a PC is just RM800, what’s your concern?” the professor is heard telling the student.

“That is the reason I can’t sit with B40 individuals, these individuals just ponder other things than training.”

The professor then advised the casualty to switch off the camera and she would have rather not see him once more.

Prior she had asked him about his parents, to which he made sense of that his father was not working and his mother was no more.

Then the professor asked again if he had siblings and added: “You tell your sister, if she has a gold arm band, go sell it and go purchase a PC.”

In the interim, Mahasiswa Roket, DAP’s student wing, called for move to be made against the professor and for her to apologize.

“We ask UiTM to suspend or drop this professor while an investigation is underway. Also, we ask this professor to issue a conciliatory sentiment,” they said in a tweet.

Another person professing to be a niece of the teacher said that she was a “naturally harsh person”.

Another user expressed his anxiety about the possibility that B40 students will be discouraged from pursuing their studies because of the way of behaving of one instructor.

“It absolutely broke me when she demeaningly asked him to shut off his camera because she would have rather not see him anymore,” said one netizen.

There were a lot more comments from Twitter users who slammed the professor’s direct and asked her to look into why UiTM was set up, regarding its plan to uplift unfortunate students.

DAP administrator and previous representative youth and sports minister Steven Sim criticized the teacher for insulting the student’s background, and proposed to give the student another laptop.

“I concur with the professor that one’s family background should not hinder training. But I disagree with how the professor insulted the student just for their background,” he said.

Higher Education Minister Datuk Noraini Ahmad said on Twitter that she had observed the viral issue and video, and has reached UiTM to ask for an explanation. -The Vibes, March 30, 2022.

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