Little Bay Shark Attack Video – Ben Fordham has hit out at a move by bureaucrats to rename shark attacks ‘interactions’ and ‘negative encounters’ after a swimmer was mauled to death by an incredible white.

The 2GB radio personality ridiculed the changes after a swimmer was assaulted by the 4.5m incredible white shark at Little Bay Beach in Sydney’s east on Wednesday evening.

Close by fishermen and beachgoers recorded his horrifying last moments from a close by rock shelf.

In July, it arose officials in Queensland and NSW would be rebranding shark attacks to change the creature’s picture as a ‘man-eating monster’.

Fordham on Thursday morning said he didn’t have the foggiest idea how switching the language up the assault ‘helps anybody’.

‘There was a push from bureaucrats to stop using “assault” when discussing sharks,’ he said.

‘They like “shark bite”, “shark connection” or “shark experience”. I don’t have the foggiest idea how that helps anybody.’

The NSW Department of Primary Industries had started describing a shark experience as ‘incidents’ or ‘interactions’ in their authority reports, The Sydney Morning Herald announced in July.

Researchers say encounters were named as ‘accidents’ before the 1930s when surgeon Victor Coppleson started to describe them as attacks.

Leonardo Guida, a shark researcher at the Australian Marine Conservation Society, said that the word decision can be ‘powerful‘.

He said public fears can be aroused by language used by politicians and the media.

Dr Guida said changing language used around the incidents is important ‘because it helps dispel inherent assumptions that sharks are ravenous, mindless man-eating monsters.’

He added changing the wording would imply that the public better understand sharks and how they act.

It comes as new video surfaced existing apart from everything else the 4.5m incredible white circled Wednesday’s casualty at Buchan Point, close to Little Bay.

On Thursday morning, drum lines were conveyed and intensive robot and sea searches launched for the executioner shark, which disappeared within minutes of the assault.

The casualty has yet to be officially identified with DNA testing but nearby MP Michael Daley told the ABC he isn’t accepted to be a neighborhood, but routinely swam at the untainted straight.

Online trolls peculiarly lashed the fishermen who witnessed the episode – when they were strangely unfit to effectively save the man, and it is not suggested they did anything wrong.

‘This person just continues to record and the other man looks like he’s still fishing,’ one person composed on Facebook.

‘Did any other individual notification the person fishing that didn’t even take his line in or anything? Just continued to fish,’ another said.

‘The video is disturbing, the reality someone was swimming while someone else is fishing on shore? This entire thing is disturbing,’ a third said.

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