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Mangalore College Students Kissing Scene Video Goes Viral

Mangalore College Students Kissing Scene Video Goes Viral The Lip-lock challenge has circulated around the web after several students in Mangaluru were arrested for executing the test with the Mangalore understudies kissing scene video viral

The most generally used and gainful channel for disseminating data is the web. With the development of the web, the tendency of using social media to share anything with an expansive crowd from anywhere is also developed.

Mangalore College Students Kissing Scene Video Goes Viral: Explained What Is Challenge

However, this has caused substantial issues that currently pose a serious danger to society. Something similar happened when a viral lip-lock challenge again became a web sensation on various social media platforms but because of the relative multitude of wrong reasons.

After a video of undergrads executing lip-secure test before others became a web sensation on social media, the Karnataka police arrested eight students from a legitimate school.

As per the POCSO Act, the Karnataka police have filed a protest against eight students for putting together what they named a lip-lock contest.

Since then, it has turned into an intriguing issue of conversation, with numerous individuals started discussing this test. From common society to social media, everybody is discussing it. So, we should figure out more about it and what worked out:

Why Lip-Lock Challenge Is Trending?

The students purportedly met up in February at an apartment, as per NDTV. A fellow and a girl in their uniforms were supposedly seen kissing in the video while their companions extolled them.

As per investigators, the video was shot six months ago but recently transferred. It appears that the kiss was a “truth or dare” game. As indicated by the Mangaluru police, the lead was a part of the lip-lock challenge.

As indicated by the story, one of the gathering’s members transferred the video on WhatsApp, carrying it to the consideration of their school and parents.

Why Is It So Disturbing?

The scenario has taken a drastic turn when a girl who was visible on camera informed authorities that she knew the boys who were visible in the video and that she had a sexual relationship with one of them that was caught on camera. As indicated by NDTV, the girl guaranteed that the other guys used the recording to blackmail her.

As per sources, the objection was filed after investigations showed that each of the eight guys had sexually abused the gathering’s two girls at various times and in various locations while using videotapes of the activities as coercion.

Since the situation is probably going to escalate into a crisis, the Mangaluru police are moving rapidly to address it. As per N Shashi Kumar, who spoke to the news office PTI, the police would also check to see if the pupils used narcotics while hosting the lip-lock challenge.

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