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Mason Greenwood Troubles Continue, Southgate Coach Closes National Team Door, His Career Is In Danger Mason Greenwood’s troubles continue. After beating his girlfriend to a pulp, trouble for Mason Greenwood came. Manchester United punished him by not being allowed to practice or play indefinitely. Nike as its sponsor revoked the sponsorship partnership with him.

Not only that, now there is another decision from the English national team that incriminates the young footballer. Coach Gareth Southgate has closed the doors to the England national team for Mason Greenwood.

His national team career is in danger. Mason Greenwood has been released on bail after spending three days in custody. And now Gareth Southgate has closed the door on England involvement. The Manchester United forward, who faces charges of assault, rape, sexual assault and death threats, has been told he is not in Southgate’s plans any time soon.

The Sun have reported that the England manager has banned Greenwood from playing for the Three Lions until his legal issues are resolved. Greenwood trouble continues This is not the first time Greenwood has had problems with the England national team.

Just hours after making his England debut in September 2020, the Bradford-born player along with Manchester City’s Phil Foden was sent home from Iceland after he ignored COVID protocols. The duo was spotted with women in and around the hotel where England was at the time in Iceland.

After returning to his home in Cheshire (a £14,000 a month rented house), the first thing Greenwood did was increase the security around him. The footballer, who has received threats, wants to avoid further trouble and has hired two new security guards to monitor his surroundings 24 hours a day.

Greenwood has also installed new video surveillance equipment in the home to prevent people from outside its inner circle from getting in. Previously, this case also caused his supporters to be disappointed. Those who have bought a MU shirt with Mason Greenwood written on it have exchanged it.

Mason Greenwood shirts that fans have bought can be exchanged for players’ jerseys for free at the Manchester United store. According to Marca, Manchester United have confirmed fans who wish to exchange their Mason Greenwood shirts will be able to exchange for other players’ shirts for free. The 20-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of assault.

Mason Grenwood has been arrested by police following allegations of sexual assault and making death threats. Greenwood was arrested last weekend after an alleged violent incident, Circulating viral images and videos on social media showing a woman. The Manchester United forward was released from custody on bail pending further investigation on Wednesday.

Swap Greenwood Manchester United Shirt A club spokesman told The Sun that fans can replace their current shirt with a new shirt on behalf of another player. “We are aware of the images and allegations circulating on social media,” the club said. “We will make no further comment until the facts have been established.”

Nike have also ended their relationship with Greenwood, while EA Sports have confirmed that the England international has been removed from FIFA 22. Mason Greenwood has been shunned by Manchester United, teammates and sponsors alike. Fan also regretted buying a T-shirt with Mason Greenwood written on it. They demanded their money back.

Nike has suspended relations with the player. All Mason Greenwood merchandise has been removed from the official Manchester United website. After the 20-year-old assailant was arrested on suspicion of rape and assault on Sunday. Following a post shared on social media by his girlfriend Harriet Robson.

Meanwhile, Nike expressed their concern about the harassment allegations and they officially announced the suspension of Greenwood’s sponsorship deal. “We have suspended our relationship with Mason Greenwood,” Nike said in a statement.

“We are deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations and will continue to monitor the situation closely.” According to the Daily Mail, Manchester United shirt sponsor TeamViewer have indicated they are “monitoring developments closely”, with one of the club’s partners at Cadbury refusing to have Greenwood’s image on their product.

The player, who is still in police custody awaiting investigation, has received criticism from irritated fans. They have asked the club to refund the money paid for the shirt. “We are aware of the images and allegations circulating on social media,” Manchester United said in a statement Monday.

“We will make no further comment until the facts have been established. “Manchester United does not condone violence of any kind”. “Mason Greenwood will not be returning to training or playing a match until further notice.” Manchester United have suspended Mason Greenwood from training or playing when allegations emerged that he had assaulted a woman.

The young Manchester United striker has been banned from playing for the Red Devils indefinitely after allegations emerged he assaulted a woman. Manchester United have suspended Mason Greenwood after Manchester Police revealed they are investigating allegations of physical and sexual abuse by Mason Greenwood on Sunday.

The club’s decision came hours after the striker’s 20-year-old lover released photos and audio. In the video, the woman can be seen bleeding from her mouth and she has bruises on her knees and arms. The woman alleges the attack was carried out by the England striker.

In an earlier statement, United revealed they were aware of the image circulating on social media but it has since been removed from the woman’s Instagram account. And launched their own investigation into the matter.

“We are aware of the images and allegations circulating on social media,” they said. “We will make no further comment until the facts have been established. Manchester United does not condone violence in any form,” said a Manchester United statement.


Another statement was later issued, with the Premier League club indicating that Greenwood would no longer train or play for them “until further notice”. They further highlighted their commitment to working with the police on the ongoing investigation.

Great Manchester Police have since confirmed Greenwood’s arrest after being alerted to the allegations that surfaced on social media on Sunday. In a statement, they said: “Greater Manchester Police were notified earlier today (Sunday 30 January) of online social media images and videos posted by a woman reporting an incident of physical abuse”.

“An investigation was carried out and after investigation we can confirm a man in his 20s has been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault”. “He remains in custody for questioning. Investigations are ongoing,” he said. Mason Greenwood will not play or train with Manchester United “until further notice”, the Premier League giants said on Sunday.

United issued the statement after police confirmed they were carrying out an investigation following allegations that the 20-year-old England forward assaulted a woman. Earlier on Sunday, videos, photos and audio recordings were posted on the woman’s Instagram account, along with allegations of violent assault, before being deleted. An initial United statement said:

“We are aware of the images and allegations circulating on social media. We will make no further comment until the facts have been established. Manchester United does not condone violence of any kind.” But a second statement issued by United on Sunday evening clarified Greenwood’s current status at Old Trafford by saying:

“Mason Greenwood will not return to training or playing a match until further notice.” A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police, quoted by the British Press Association, said: “Greater Manchester Police are aware of the images and videos circulating on social media”. “Investigations are ongoing to establish the full state of affairs.”


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