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MotoGP – Viral video of Mandalika Rain Handler – The action of a rain handler, Raden Roro Istiati Wulandari, who is claimed to be able to repel rain during the MotoGP event in the Mandalika area, Lombok, NTB. This is the technological explanation of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN).

The Coordinator of the BRIN TMC Management Laboratory, Budi Harsoyo, admitted that he was intrigued by the viral figure of RR Istiati who claimed to be able to stop rain at the Mandalika Circuit. Budi gave a scientific explanation and contributed to the Weather Modification Technology (TMC) there.

“Due to the news about Mbak Rara, the rain handler in Mandalika which is currently viral on social media, I think I am intrigued to need to provide some explanations regarding the scientific rules of Weather Modification Technology which since March 18-20 2022 has also been asked to operate there. ,” said Budi in a written statement, Sunday (20/3/2022).

Budi said that scientifically, there is a technology called Weather Modification Technology (TMC). According to his explanation, the way TMC works is that the aircraft fleet operates on the cloud seeding path. TMC then releases the seedling material from chemicals that are capable of dropping rain outside the circuit area.

“Before they (the rain clouds) approached, we intercepted it, we dropped the rain outside Mandalika. There was a new cloud growing, immediately we flew and dropped it again.

And so on,” he explained. He said the effort was evidenced by the concentration of rain on March 18 and 19 which was able to be eliminated from Mandalika to the southern waters of Lombok Island. However, continued Budi, there is the toughest challenge towards the climax of the Moto GP event, Sunday (20/3) afternoon, namely the gust of wind that changes direction.

He explained that for two days the wind direction was from southeast to south. Meanwhile, today it has changed from the north because low pressure has shifted to the south of Lombok Island.

“It could potentially be a weapon for you, sir, if we sow clouds in the north. Meanwhile, the plane has not had time to get to the command post, either because of weather conditions or because of the RI-1 NOTAM which will land at BIL this afternoon,” he added.

Budi said that TMC has been operating since March 18-20 because BMKG predicts that during this period, Mandalika has the potential for extreme rain.  Circuit The BMKG has issued an early warning for extreme weather for the NTB region, namely the peak daily rain cycle occurs from morning to evening.

“This prediction has proven to be quite accurate. In the morning, rain generally occurs fairly evenly throughout the NTB area in general. In fact, the morning rain occurred on March 18 and 19, 2022 for the Lombok Island area, including the Mandalika Circuit,” said Budi .

“TMC has not been able to anticipate the rain that will occur in the early hours of the morning because TMC’s fleet of aircraft does not yet have the capability to operate for night/early morning flights,” he continued.

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