Friday , March 24 2023

Police killed in aggressive aggression in south Kashmir – A policeman was shot dead by an aggressive suspect outside his residence in the Anantnag district of south Kashmir on Saturday night.

On Saturday night, the suspect aggressively opened fire on Ali Mohammad Ganie – a police chief stationed in the nearby Kulgam district – critically injuring him. When Ganie was rushed to the hospital, he died from his injuries.

“Today at approximately 17.30 Anantnag Police received news of a terrorist crime moment at the Hasanpora Tabala Bijbehara Anantnag place where terrorists had shot a police officer,” the police said in a formal release.

“Officers who stopped by the scene knew that Police Chief Ali Mohammad Ganie was shot by terrorists near his house in Hasanpora Tabala’s place, Bijbehara Anantnag.

In this terror incident, he had received a severe gunshot wound. Although the injured police officer was immediately evacuated to a nearby hospital, he died from his injuries and became a martyr.”

Police sources said that Ganie was fired upon by aggressive fire from too close a gap and was immediately rushed to Government Medical College Anantnag.

Ganie is the first police officer to be killed in this year’s aggressive aggression. Aggressive aggression against police has increased sharply over the past year.

Formal figures show that J-K police personnel are the main targets of aggression, especially in the Kashmir valley. Of the 42 security personnel who died in Jammu and Kashmir last year, 21 were from Police Jk.

In the Kashmir valley, 20 of the 29 security personnel who died in 2021 were members of the Jk Police. Immediately after the aggressive attack, a joint team of J-K Police, paramilitary forces and the Army rushed to the scene and launched a massive surveillance and search operation to find the aggressive behind the attack.



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