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Trending on Twitter Nelly Viral Video Trending on Twitter Nelly Viral Video . Nelly is talking and saying “sorry” for a video of her, I will investigate who has hacked my account.

Nelly Really I’m so sorry

“I sincerely apologize to the youngster and her family, this is undesirable publicity for her/them. This was an old video that was private and never intended to open up to the world.”

administrator will give a connection to the video if it has been taken out, search with the keywords gave underneath << Go to interface >> Click here

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Nelly Viral Video Link on twitter

Unique story: In Nelly’s words, things are definitely “getting hot in here”! The 47-year-old rapper buzzed on the web after allegedly posting and deleting a video of him receiving fellatio from a woman. While we don’t see Nelly’s face in the video, fans assume it’s him, especially since the video was carried over to her Instagram story.

The explicit content would have been mistakenly transferred to be witnessed by its 3 million followers. Although the post was immediately deleted, it appears that an adequate number of fans had a chance to check out the short video, and it went viral immediately.

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