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United Nations Rana Ayyub – The appeal from Special Rapporteurs on the right to opportunity of assessment and expression, Irene Khan and situation of common liberties defenders, Mary Lawlor follows what they have called “relentless misogynistic and sectarian attacks” against Rana Ayyub – including demise and assault threats.

Rana Ayyub, independent journalist and defender ladies’ common liberties, continues to be the objective of intensifying web-based harassment by a wide margin right Hindu nationalist groups

‘Maliciously targeted’

They highlighted the attacks as resulting from Ms. Ayyub’s writing about issues influencing minority Muslims in the country, her criticism of the Government for its treatment of the pandemic, and comments that she made on a new restriction on hijabs at schools and colleges in Karnataka state.

“In response to Ms. Ayyub’s efforts to shine a light on open interest issues and consider ability to be responsible through her announcing, she has been maliciously focused on with anonymous demise and assault threats by coordinated groups on the web,” said the experts.

“The absence of judgment and legitimate investigation by the Government, coupled with the lawful harassment it has itself caused for Ms. Ayyub, has simply served to falsely legitimize the attacks and attackers and further endangered her safety.”

End the judicial harassment

For various years, the Indian authorities have been trageting Ms. Ayyub with various forms of harassment, the independent experts stated.

On 11 February, for the second time in six months, the journalist’s financial balance and other assets were frozen in response to seemingly baseless allegations of tax evasion and expense extortion connected with her group subsidizing campaigns to give assistance to those impacted by the pandemic.

As with a large number of the false and slanderous accusations made against Ms. Ayyub in counter for her detailing, the experts said, the bogus allegations can be followed back to an extreme right social media bunch.

Government failing to comply

Previously, UN basic freedoms experts had written to the Indian Government on various occasions to express their concerns over threats against and harassment of the journalist.

“The Government is not just coming up short in its commitment to safeguard Ms. Ayyub as a journalist, but through its own investigations of Ms. Ayyub, it is also contributing to and fueling her perilous situation”, the Special Rapporteurs said.

“It is basic that the authorities go to dire lengths to shield her from the onslaught of threats and disdain on the web and end the investigation against her.”

Special Rapporteurs are delegated by the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council to look at and report back on a specific basic liberties theme or a nation situation. The positions are privileged and the experts are not paid for their work.

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