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Video Link Who is Livy Who Is Viral On Social Media – Video Link Who is Livy Who Is Viral On Social Media. This is a video that is currently going viral. Moreover, many social media users often track news about this viral video. A video vial is a video that is currently trending or is also popular on social media.

With this video, netizens flocked to track Livy’s videos. Coming from social media news, Livy went viral because she already earned income from social media. Below we will include the biodata of Livy Renata’s viral wealth. Livy Renata is a celebgram or a popular figure on Instagram social media.

His Ig account, @Livyrenata, has been followed by more than 1.1 million followers. He is also a Youtuber, a person who pioneered the creation of video content on YouTube. Her Youtube channel, Livy Renata, has more than 258 thousand subscribers. Livy Renata often shares her daily activities through Instagram and YouTube.

As of today, February 19, 2022, he has uploaded at least 140 posts on Instagram which are more than one big proving his daily busyness. He has also uploaded more than 45 videos on YouTube and some of them show his activities. While still studying at Sydney Australia, Livy Renata studied at Bina Bangsa International School.

Prior to continuing his studies in marketing in Sydney, Australia. Quoted from news from, Livy Renata’s Youtube Channel earns rupiah coffers. Approximately 641 to 10,300 US dollars or approximately Rp. 8,479,000 to
Rp. 144,200,000 (Exchange rate of Rp. 14,000) per month. Within a year, he can collect money from YouTube to 7,700 to 123,100 US dollars.

Or approximately IDR 107,800,000 to IDR 1.7 billion per year (Exchange rate of IDR 14,000). This income does not include work such as direct advertising or being a resource on other channels. He is also a brand ambassador for more than one company, including the following:

1. Alter Ego e-sports.


3. Grand Papa Lelang

Recently, Livy Renata was invited to Deddy Corbuzier’s Close The Door Podcast. He told about his life to Deddy.
Livy Renata is also known to be a very rich person. Here are some of the sources of his wealth.

1. AdSense

AndSense is an advertising partnership program offered by platforms on the internet like social media.

2. Brand Ambassador

Livy Renata earned rupiah coffers from her work as an ambassador or representative or Brand ambassadors come
from four companies that trust them.

3. Endorsement

Livy Renata also receives job offers such as advertisements from more than one product that she wants to display on social media. That’s the Biodata about Livy also complete with sources of wealth originating from the Youtube Channel and other social media.

The final word

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