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Viral Happens Funny and Thrilling When Ukrainian Farmers Take Russian Tanks With Tractors

Narasi.netThe virtual world was shocked by the appearance of a video that recorded the moment when a Ukrainian farmer was “stealing” a Russian tank using a tractor.

The video was shared by researcher Arslon Xudosi via his Twitter account. Since being uploaded on Monday (28/2), the video has immediately gone viral on social media.

To date, the tweet has been liked by 14,000 accounts and shared more than 2,000 times. Overall, the video has been watched by more than 800 thousand users. In the video, a Russian tank is seen being transported by a Ukrainian farmer using his tractor.

One person in civilian clothes after that chased the tractor. As reported by Malaymail, the tank in the video is believed to be a Russian Mt-Lb vehicle. This armored vehicle has many uses and was introduced in Soviet times in the 1950s.

Xudosi’s tweet was also shared by Ukrainian lawmaker Lesia Vasylenko, who joked that the farmer was stealing tanks for scrap metal. “A little joke before tough talk, farmers steal tanks.

Scrap is very valuable in Ukraine, so people really like to think about how much money they can make if they take the enemy’s weapons,” Vasylenko wrote on Twitter.

Not only Vasylenko, some other social media users also responded positively to this tank “theft”. “This is what Ukrainian farmers do when the Russians put their tanks in a no-parking zone,” said one netizen.

Another wrote, “I believe Ukrainians are the most gangster group I have ever watched.” “Someone in Ukraine pulled a Russian tank. Ukraine’s enthusiasm for this annexation is extraordinary,” wrote another.

Since last week, Ukraine has been under constant attack from Russian troops. Explosions and fierce battles took place in various corners of the city.

Ukraine and Russia had held talks on Monday (28/2), but failed to reach an agreement because Moscow’s request was deemed unreasonable. They are scheduled to hold a second round of talks today.

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