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Viral photo of a man with 8 wives living together and living together – A man from Thailand has gone viral because of polygamy and has eight wives. The man and his wives lived together and lived in harmony.

The man’s name is Ong Dam Sorot and works as a tattoo artist. Lately, his figure has become the talk of the town after appearing on a talk show that aired on Youtube.

Since being uploaded on January 11, 2022, the video has been viewed more than three million times. Each wife has a story about their first rendezvous with Ong Dam Highlight.

The first wife he met while attending a friend’s wedding, not long after he proposed to the woman named Nong Sprite and the two immediately married.

Ong Dam Highlight then met his second wife at a market. When the third wife met at the hospital. Social media also played a role in Ong Dam Sorot’s rendezvous with his wives.

He said he met his fourth, fifth and sixth wives on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok. At that time, his seventh wife, Nong Film, captured his heart when he came to the Phra Pathom Chedi temple.

His eighth and final wife, Nong Mai, met when he and his four wives were on vacation in Pattaya. Ong Dam Sorot lives under the same roof with his eight wives, even so, they claim to never fight.

Moreover, the wives praise Ong Dam as the most caring husband. “Probably the most loving and caring man I’ve ever met,” the wives agree about their husband.

Ong Dam Sorot’s house is big enough for his extended family to live in. There are four bedrooms, each occupied by two wives.

To be able to make love to the man with the mustache, they had to stand in line waiting for their turn, but admitted that no one objected to this provision.

Ong Dam Sorot has one son from his first wife, Nong Sprite. When two other wives are pregnant. Ong Dam Sorot’s seven wives have specific reasons why they are willing to marry a man who is already married.

Fall in love at first sight, that’s the main reason. “He is charming, caring, and managed to prove unless he can take care of everything,” said Ong Dam’s wives Highlight.

Not only the wives, friends and family of Ong Dam Sorot also accept the situation of being married up to eight times.

Ong Dam Highlight also does not matter if one day his wives meet another ideal man and want to separate. But so far it hasn’t happened.

Having eight wives, many people think that Ong Dam Sorot is a rich man whose wealth does not run out of seven generations. But it was not so.

His wives also tracked their income by becoming household members or selling various products ranging from food, cosmetics to accessories.

The story of Ong Dam Highlight with eight wives raises the pros and cons. More than one netizen is envious and amazed by his unique domestic life, but several others feel sorry because he has to deal with many women every day.


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