Friday , September 30 2022

Viral Video : DaBaby & Crew Get Into Bloody Fight With DaniLeigh’s Brother Brandon At Bowling Alley – The family dramatization among DaBaby and his estranged child mother, DaniLeigh, has reached new heights.

Another video has arisen showing a horrendous battle at a California bowling alley including the rapper, his team and DaniLeigh’s brother, Brandon Bills, who appears to have suffered the most injuries.

Different angles of the quarrel – what broke out on the actual lanes – affirm that DaBaby threw the first punch, which was trailed by incessant kicks and blows from around five or six men he was with.

Brandon was distant from everyone else and asserted he had approached the rapper to talk, but soon enough, he was pummeled to the ground and hauled by his hair.

However the battle didn’t last long, Brandon supported a ridiculous face.

He later took to his Instagram Story to get down on what he considered an out of line battle, asserting he was “hopped.”

“I spoke to you like a man. I said, ‘Come on, we should talk, me and you, as an afterthought,'” he said, adding that the rapper got no “atta boys” for the supposed triumph. Had the floor not been so slippery, insisted Brandon, things would have ended differently.

DaniLeigh expressed disgust with the occurrence, taking to her own Instagram Story to write, “Weak as hell!!!! Running up on my brother on some slippery ass floors with 5/6 of ya boys while he’s without help from anyone else and not even contacting him!!! Weak and soooo sad!!! I implore this stops now!!! BC this is my family! furthermore I got a girl to raise. Sad.”

The Story – as well as DaniLeigh’s page – are now gone

Brandon’s been promising to defy the rapper since November, when DaniLeigh was hit with two simple assault charges.

At that point, DaBaby had been attempting to kick her and their then-3-month-old child out of his townhouse following a battle about Plan B. She refused to leave, saying she had nowhere else to go.

During the difficulty, the rapper called the cops, who talked with DaniLeigh and chose to charge her.

Afterward, Brandon took to his IG Story to openly caution the rapper. “This n- – – a want to call the cops on my sis. This n- – – a want to disrespect my sis online so that the world could see, disrespect my family. This don’t even didn’t get anything to do with my sister no more, brother. This have to do with me and you.”

“When you come toward the West Coast, brother, which I realize you be around here, you will get this one-on-one blur, brother,” said Brandon. “One-on-one blur to see what happens among me and you. I want to see how gangsta you are, to see how a very remarkable genuine man you are.”



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