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Why do So Many Women Enjoy Sex more when they are over 60?

Why do So Many Women Enjoy Sex more when they are over 60? – There is often a belief in society that men enjoy sex much more than women. For many years overall this is true. Women often worry about issues such as pregnancy, they have their hands full with too many things, or they aren’t happy with their body. Yet they continue to engage in sexual activities as a way to keep their partner happy. Women are very good at doing what is going to keep others happy. It is often a part of their very giving nature.

Some women continue to engage in sex during their life as they want to be able to enjoy it more. They may experiment with new methods as well as new partners. All the while though it may just be something they go through the motions of. Women often associate the act of sex with intimacy afterwards so they do it in order to get to that part of it.

It is often said that many women enjoy sex more as they get older. There are many researchers who will tell you it has to do with changes in the body. A woman may find it easier to have an orgasm when she is in her 30’s. She may have come to terms with how her body looks or be with the same partner long enough to be very comfortable communicating what it is that she wants.

This results in sex becoming something that a woman can enjoy and look forward to when she is older. It has more to do with intimacy than with just being sexy for someone. Since sex isn’t the core of the relationship when you are older than 60, the pressure is off a woman to look perfect and to perform perfectly. This can help it to be something enjoyable instead of another time when she continues to critic herself.

There is said to be a great deal of passion in the sexual aspect of things for older couples. This is because it focuses more on the feelings involved than just the act itself. The woman finds her partner is taking more time for touching and caressing which is exactly what women crave when it comes to sex.

All of this pampering and personal attention for women past 60 years of age may be something new. They may not have had such experiences with sex when they were younger. While most men won’t admit it, they often focused on their own sexual needs when they were younger as well. Older men are known to be able to please a woman better.

More women are opening up to tell others how much they enjoy sex into their 60’s and older. This used to be a taboo subject so it was just assumed that they didn’t really participate in it or enjoy it. Yet that seems to be very far from the truth. Researchers have found that women will open up about their sexual activities when they are older if someone is directly asking the questions.

There are many reasons why women find sex after 60 to be extremely gratifying. They are able to continue to enjoy this part of their life regardless of their age. It is exciting to have the freedom to explore their sexuality. They also love the fact that their partner finds them interesting and wants to have sex with them. This can really help a person who is getting older to feel very good about themselves.

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